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Going Grey Gracefully

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Going grey is most women's worst nightmare!

Every week we hear the horror stories of GREY hair from many of our clients. We hear the battle many women of all ages (some as young as their late teens) face every day with grey hair. We see women of all ages, asking us

" What can I do to get rid of my grey hair? "

Well we have the answer.... GO GREY GRACEFULLY! Yes that right, go grey gracefully and take control of your hair.

Instead of dying your roots every 4 weeks, struggling to get full coverage with your desired colour, giving up on your hairdresser, spending tons of money on box dyes and completely ruining your hair. Don't give up!

We offer a range of colour services to keep your grey hair under control. It doesn't matter what age you are, we will give you a thorough consultation to suit your look, and will keep you bang on trend, for all lovers of colour. We can custom mix cool ash silver, grey & blonde tones to suit you. Why not use the grey silver trend to your advantage and jump on the wave. Let us work with you on your hair journey and bring those grey hairs through gracefully.

I bet your thinking, how can grey hair look good?

Well we tailor our services to your needs. We give in depth consultations, taking into account your lifestyle and hair routine, to take you on a hair journey which give you your hsir confidence back.

Colour services are suitable for all hair types

So, moving forward we will be keeping you updated with some of our clients #GOGREYGRACEFULLY hair journeys and sharing our amazing services with creating jaw dropping makeovers for those who want GO GREY GRACEFULLY :)

For more info, please contact us on 01902 239031 or drop us an email to book your consultation

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